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Health service continues in the field hospital established by Belgium in Turkey

After the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes, the field hospital established by Belgium in the Kırıkhan district of Hatay, continues to provide health services to the citizens.

The field hospital, which was established near Kırıkhan State Hospital, has the capacity to examine up to 200 patients per day.

There is also an operating room in the hospital where laboratory X-Ray service is provided.

15 doctors and 29 nurses work in the hospital, which also includes general surgery, obstetrics and pediatricians.

In the hospital, which is also supported by Turkish doctors and nurses, up to 20 inpatients can be accepted.

In the hospital established by Belgium, patients began to be accepted as of the evening of February 16 and more than 200 patients were treated, as well as 10 surgeries.

"We know that Turkey will do the same for us"

Klara Leroy, the hospital's deputy team chief, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they started the construction of the field hospital on February 13.

Expressing that they started accepting patients as of the evening of February 16, Leroy said, "It is important for us to be in solidarity with Turkey and to help when needed. Because we know that Turkey will do the same for us." she said.

Stating that the people of the region and the Turkish authorities were very helpful to them, Leroy said, “We were very well received. Cooperation with local authorities is going very well. They did everything to help us during the setup (of the hospital). So it's a nice collaboration.” made its assessment.

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