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In Denmark, the left bloc wins the elections by a single seat

The left-wing bloc led by Social Democrat Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen won a one-seat majority after Tuesday's legislative elections in Denmark.

At the end of a long electoral evening, the left bloc won 87 seats, according to the complete results in mainland, to which must be added three seats from Greenland and the Faroe Islands forming a majority of 90 seats.

In power for four years, the Social Democrats have won 50 of the 179 mandates in the Folketing, increasing their 2019 score by 1.6 points with 27.5% of the vote.

“Thank you,” Ms. Frederiksen wrote, posting a photo of herself smiling on Instagram, her favorite medium. “I am very, very happy,” she told reporters as she arrived in parliament with her husband after a long election night.

Mette Frederiksen
Photo Credit: Instagram of Mette Frederiksen