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Inauguration of the gas interconnector between Poland and Slovakia

The gas interconnector between Poland and Slovakia was inaugurated. It connects the gas networks of the two countries, ensuring affordable supplies and diversifying supply routes. Its completion marks a cornerstone of the North-South gas infrastructure corridor between the Baltic Sea, the Adriatic and Aegean Seas, the eastern Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. The pipeline, with a total length of approximately 165 km, was a Project of Common Interest over the period 2013-2021 and has received more than €100 million of EU funding through the Connecting Europe Facility, which represents around 40% of the project costs.

Pipes of gas or oil from Russia to European Union. Sanctions concept. 3D rendered illustration.
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EU Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, said:

I would like to congratulate the transmission system operators, Gaz-System and Eustream, as well as the Governments of Poland and Slovakia, for their effective collaboration and for completing the project in challenging circumstances. This interconnector will significantly improve the EU's security of supply and resilience of our energy system, in line with our REPowerEU objectives.

It is noted that the project aims to decrease the EU countries' dependence on a single natural gas supplier, open access to new supply sources to Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, facilitate the market between Northern and Southern Europe and increase the integration and coordination of regional gas markets.

Source: European Commission News Room

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