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Investigation launched in Spain to impose fines on those who commemorate dictator Franco

In Spain, an investigation was launched to fine those who attended the commemoration ceremony organized by some fascist groups in the capital Madrid on the occasion of the death year of dictator Francisco Franco.

According to media, some groups held a commemoration ceremony yesterday in Madrid due to the death year of dictator Franco, which is November 20. The Spanish government announced that an investigation was launched against those who attended the event, where pro-Franco slogans were shouted, fascist salutes were given and symbols and flags glorifying the dictatorship were used.

The dictator Franco period (1936-1975) was declared 'illegal' in accordance with the Democratic Memory Law, which came into force in October, and fines up to 150 thousand euros are imposed on all actions that glorify the dictatorship and it.

Until the law in question in Spain, no legal sanction was applied to glorify the dictator Franco period.

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