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Isabel dos Santos, Africa's richest woman, seized $1 billion in assets

Angolan court seized $1.1 billion in assets from Santos in 2019.

Angola's Supreme Court has decided to confiscate $1 billion in assets of former President Jose Eduardo dos Santos' daughter Isabel dos Santos and her partners.

According to the news of the Angola Press Agency (ANGOP), Santos, who is shown as the richest woman in Africa and has a warrant of arrest, and some of her partners, have been decided to confiscate the 1 billion dollars assets that they have transferred from the state to corruption.

In the court decision, all of Embalvidro and UNITEL T+ companies held by Santos and its partners, 70 percent of Upstar Comunicaçoes and MSTAR companies were requested to be seized.

In the decision, it was stated that Santos controlled the companies established with state capital and transferred the money there to the companies abroad.

Angolan court seized $1.1 billion in assets from Santos in 2019.

Arrest warrant issued

Angolan Chief Prosecutor Helder Pitta Groz stated last month that an arrest warrant had been issued for Santos, who had been called to testify many times before as part of the investigation, and that they had applied to Interpol.

Santos previously denied the accusations against him and stated that he lived in London, the capital of England, and did not hide.

Angola, with a population of around 30 million, is the continent's second largest oil producer.

Isabel dos Santos' father, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, ruled Angola alone for 38 years.

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