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It becomes more and more difficult to drive a car in Brussels

Brussels is improving its infrastructure for bicycles. Compared to previous years, shared electronic scooters together with private and shared bicycles are more and more popular today in Brussels. We can call today as the "golden era" for bicycles in Brussels.

City authorities are removing car traffic from many main streets, giving more opportunity to bicycles and pedestrians. However, car traffic is still increasing and in this international and diplomatic city, traffic jams are becoming a more serious problem every passing day.

traffic jam
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Recently, Rue de la Loi, a street famous with its long traffic jams and connecting the EU quarter to many neighborhoods, proposed to be having a two-way cycle path, separated from car traffic and pedestrians after a test showed the impact of the cycle path, according to Brussels Minister of Mobility Elke Van den Brandt (from Greens). The mentioned street already recently transformed into a bicycle street by closing one of the car lanes.

Even though Brussels city residents are mostly happy with improved bicycle roads, many people do not feel comfortable due to long traffic jams. Brussels' public transport is not very-well connected and it is a cold and raining city. Therefore, many people prefer private cars. On the other hand, it is forbidden to travel with large bags and baby carriages in a bicycles, as it is also practically impossible. Many residents of the Brussels region are also traveling to outer neighborhoods in the Walloon and Flemish regions on a daily basis for work and other purposes.

Therefore, while deleting car roads to create more bicycles spaces, city authorities are required to improve the car infrastructure. International delegations, diplomats, expats and foreign nationals together with tourists are complaining daily traffic jams in Brussels more each and every passing day.

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