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Jean-Claude Marcourt has his briefcase stolen from his vehicle in Liège

Jean-Claude Marcourt
Photo Credit: Parliament of Wallonia

Two people stole the briefcase of Jean-Claude Marcourt, who was in his vehicle, Friday evening in Liège, Belgium, indicates the prosecutor's office of Liège on Saturday morning. When the police caught the thieves, one of them was seriously injured while fleeing.

Two people approached Jean-Claude Marcourt's car around 10:00 p.m. Friday evening, place Xavier Neujean in Liège, aboard which was the driver of the Liège socialist politician. One of the two people began to chat with the driver while the other took the opportunity to grab a briefcase from the back seat of the car. In the briefcase were in particular a laptop, a tablet, but also the keys to the home of the president of the parliament of Wallonia and the remote control of his gate.

Thanks to a GPS chip contained in the briefcase, the police were able to find the suspects.