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Jean-Pierre Ghysels Exhibition in Brussels

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium dedicate an exhibition to Jean-Pierre Ghysels (Uccle, 1932), a Belgian sculptor who studied with Zadkine at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris. The exhibition will give the public the opportunity to discover a series of sculptures made of the artist's two favourite materials, beaten copper and bronze, works which, even when small in size, surprise us with their monumentality and sensuality.

Photo Credit: Unsplash (An Exhibition)

The selection, which was made in close collaboration with his wife Colette Ghysels, with whom he shares a passion for travelling, tribal art and ethnic jewellery, is also a tribute to the importance the artist attaches to his beloved ones. He says: “It really makes me happy when my wife comes into my studio, looks at my work and says she loves it. Then I almost believe it, it warms me and it seems to me, at that moment, that my sculpture reflects us."

Among the selection: Secret Angle (1973), a polished bronze that entered the museum's collection when Philippe Roberts-Jones was chief curator in 1976, is the oldest work in the series of beaten brass and bronze.

According to the artist, "generating a sculpture means taking a material, dialoguing with it, telling it about space, lines, volumes, curves, verticals, proportions, everything you want for it. It means loving it before it even exists". Jean-Pierre Ghysels will celebrate his 90th birthday on 20 September.

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