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Kids Winter Wonderland in Brussels

A winter festival for children: twinkling lights, festive Christmas decorations and a dazzling programme.

At the end of the year, when the days are at their shortest, Maison de la Poste is set for a magical metamorphosis. First, twinkling lights will brighten up the various rooms. Not long after, Christmas trees will start to appear everywhere, festively decorated with baubles of every shape and size, and tinsel that seems to go on forever. A sprinkling of fairy dust here and there and this magnificent building in the middle of Brussels will be ready for the first ever Kids Winter Wonderland,a winter festival especially for youngsters.

Experience a wonderful day with the whole family. Enthusiastic elves show you the way. On the ground floor, an impressive array of bouncy castles over 800m2 will get every kid’s stomach fluttering and legs bouncing.

The adjoining winter bar will serve hot drinks and yummies for the whole family. Popcorn, candy floss and 1001 different kinds of sweets! If you’re hungry for something more substantial, visit one of the food trucks by the door for fresh pancakes, hot chocolate and hearty snacks.

Ready to continue your winter adventure? On the first floor there’ll be a fun library story time and Christmas-themed face painting. You can also enjoy one of the spellbinding theatre shows, which are scheduled several times a day. And there’s a baby corner to ensure the littlest ones also have a ball. Fancy magical stories? Make your way to the fairy tale storyteller.

You can also try one of the creative workshops: make a Christmas bauble for your tree at home. And don’t go home before you’ve seen Santa and had your picture taken with him.

All told, a Christmas holiday you’ll never forget!

It is organized by Tour & Taxi in Brussels. For more information and tickets click here.

Photo: Unsplash

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