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New charges have been brought against Greek MEP Eva Kaili

New charges have been brought against Greek MP Eva Kaili, who was accused in the European Parliament (EP)-linked corruption investigation. According to the Politico news website, in a letter from the European Public Prosecutor's Office to EP President Roberta Metsola, Kaili is accused of involvement in three more illegal activities during the 2014-2020 period.

These include allegations that Kaili's aides misinformed the EP about their whereabouts and activities, and that he was "taking a commission" from the EP for her fake business trips and a portion of their salary and subsistence. Greek MEP Maria Spyraki, one of Kaili's former aides, is also being investigated within the scope of these allegations. As part of the corruption investigation carried out by the Belgian authorities, searches were made at many points in December 2022 and 1.5 million euros in cash were seized.

Greek deputy Eva Kaili, whose EP Vice Presidency was terminated, former Italian MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri, Kaili's boyfriend Francesco Giorgi, who worked as an assistant in the EP, and Niccolo Figa-Talamanca, the director of the NGO, were detained. It was alleged that Andrea Cozzolino and Marc Tarabella said that he received money from Panzeri. Cozzolino and Tarabella, whose immunity was lifted on February 2, were detained a week later. It was alleged that these people received bribes from a Gulf country to influence the economic and political decisions of the EP. Qatar, which was mentioned in the news on the subject, denied the allegations. In time, all the detainees, including Kaili, were released on parole on April 14. Kaili denies the allegations against her.

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