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Number of bicycling deaths increased in Belgium

The numbers of deaths of those who are bicycling are in the rise in Belgium.

From January to October, 326 people died instantly in a traffic accident – a 16% rise compared to the same period last year. One in four of these deaths were pedestrians or bicyclists, Vias institute's latest Road Safety Barometer showed, based on figures from the federal police.

"On a national level, we see the most worrying trend among bicyclists. There have also never been so many bicycle fatalities in the past 10 years," a Vias statement read. The number of bicycling deaths rose from 31 to 49.

The rise was most notable in Wallonia (from two to 12 deaths); in Flanders, the number went up from 28 to 36 deaths. Pedestrians deaths rose from 30 to 39 as reported on Brussels Times.

In Brussels, particularly, as part of recent action and mobility plans, many old roads are dedicated to bicycles by only drawing new and narrow lines and bicycle pictures on the road. No more additional regulations are made for the safety of drivers and bicycles.

About VIAS

Vias institute, until 2017 the Belgian Institute for Road Safety (BIVV), is a Belgian organization that focuses on improving road safety, mobility and social safety.

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