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Passenger who opened the door of Asiana Airlines flight in the air was arrested in South Korea

A passenger who opened the pill of an Asiana Airlines flight while in the air has been arrested in South Korea.

The plane with 194 passengers managed to land at Daegu Airport after the incident that took place yesterday.

According to local media, some passengers passed out after landing, while others were hospitalized with respiratory problems.

According to the Yonhap agency, the suspect, in his 30s, opened the door of the plane by saying "I was overwhelmed" during the flight.

According to Yonhap, law enforcement said that the suspect had said in his statement that he was experiencing stress because of his dismissal.

Flight OZ8124 with Airbus A321-200 took off from Jeju Island at 11:45 am local time on Friday.

Photo: Unsplash

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