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Prince Charles officially becomes King Charles III

At 73, he automatically became king.

After a life of waiting, Prince Charles, at his 73, becomes the King Charles III following the death of his mother Elizabeth II, at an age generally more conducive to retirement than to the great reforms.

His name will be Charles III, his services confirmed in the evening, shortly after Prime Minister Liz Truss greeted the new monarch.

King Charles III
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King Charles III (according to the name he chose himself), is officially proclaimed king on Saturday, September 10, during the Accession Council. This ceremony takes place at St James Palace, the oldest royal palace in the UK. In attendance are Privy Councillors, senior civil servants, officers of state, members of the House of Lords, the Mayor of London, high commissioners from the Commonwealth realms and several other persons of interest.

Camilla will be the queen consort

His second wife Camilla will become queen consort, a wish expressed by the queen last February. The subject remained sensitive among the British. After her remarriage with Prince Charles in 2005, Camilla had chosen not to take the title of Princess of Wales, too associated with Princess Diana whom Charles had cheated on with her for many years.

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