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Prof. Ates: Over 5000 Ukrainians learning Turkish

The president of Yunus Emre Institute (Turkish cultural centers) Prof. Dr. Seref Ates made evaluations about the current works of Yunus Emre Institute and the activities planned for the future with regard to Ukrainians who came to Turkey following the Russian aggression.

Turkish Educational Activities Organized for Ukrainians

Referring to the activities related to Ukrainian children in Turkey, "currently, more than 1,200 orphans are living in Antalya, Turkey. In this process, we carry out many activities to support their Turkish learning, and to ensure their personal development and psychological happiness through culture & art activities. At the same time, there are many Turcologists who took refuge in Turkey from Ukraine. We have prepared Turkish training sets specially designed for Ukrainians who have come to Turkey and we provide Turkish language courses through distance learning." Prof. Ates said.

Number of Ukrainians Learning Turkish is Rising

Drawing attention to the increase in the number of Ukrainians attending Turkish language courses, Prof. Ates said that currently, nearly 5.000 Ukrainians are learning Turkish in Turkey.

They attend Turkish lessons from time to time and learn Turkish in many different ways during their daily lives.

These numbers are expected to increase gradually.

Prof. Ates also noted that Turkish TV series are quite popular in many countries from Latin America to the Far East and those TV series are increasing the demand for Turkish culture and language.

Turkey and Ukraine folded silk flag together
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About Yunus Emre Institute

Yunus Emre Institute is operating under the Yunus Emre Foundation, a public foundation founded in Turkey in 2007 to promote Turkey, Turkish language, its history, culture and art. It is funded by the Turkish government and targeting to increase cultural exchange all over the world.

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