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Qatar corruption scandal: Senior Belgian MEP resigns from EP human rights subcommittee

Socialist Belgian MEP, Marie Arena said on Wednesday that she had decided to leave the presidency of the European Parliament's "Human Rights" subcommittee for good. She had already withdrawn from this function at the beginning of December, after the revelation in the press of a vast investigation into alleged acts of corruption of MEPs by third States (Qatar and Morocco are cited).

Unlike his party colleague Marc Tarabella, also an MEP, the Montoise is not the subject of a request to waive his parliamentary immunity. She was also not worried by Belgian justice, which she wishes to recall on Wednesday, via a statement sent to the Belga agency.

"The Belgian authorities have not asked for my parliamentary immunity to be lifted; neither my office nor my home has been searched, and I have not been questioned in any way by the courts", she insists.

On the other hand, her name was regularly quoted in the press in this case, through his contacts with Antonio Panzeri, one of the accused persons, and through her position at the head of the Human Rights subcommittee, of which meetings could have been the subject of attempts at instrumentalization by corrupt people, according to investigative elements leaked to the press.

Maria Arena MEP
Photo: Wikipedia

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