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Rape of a student at ULB: 23-year-old suspect released from prison after killing a homeless man

The main suspect in the rape of a student on the ULB campus last week had spent fifteen months in prison after causing the death of a homeless man, reports Belgian news, Sudinfo. The 23-year-old, also homeless, was arrested a few days after the incident in the Ixelles district of Matonge.

Yannick F.D. had been sent to the prison in the summer of 2021 for causing the death of a homeless man. The young man had smashed his opponent's head with a crowbar before spraying him with acid. The victim died a few days later.

The defense of Yannick F.D. had succeeded in having the murder reclassified as assault and charge resulting in death, which means that he had been free again since last August, after 15 months in prison.

The Brussels public prosecutor's office has opened a judicial investigation after the brutal rape of a student on the Plaine campus of the ULB, which occurred on Wednesday 28 December. Thanks to surveillance cameras, Yannick F.D., the main suspect in this case, was arrested three days later in the Matonge district of Ixelles. He was also in possession of drugs.

handcuffs on the prisoner. Making an arrest. Remand in custody
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