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Right-wing to win majority of the parliament in Sweden

Moderaterne (M) leader Ulf Kristersson is likely to become Sweden's next prime minister and, in that case, will be the one tasked with forming a new government. According to the Moderates' party secretary Gunnar Strömmer, among other things, NATO and high subsidy dependency are high on the party's agenda.

Elections in the Sweden. The hand that puts the game in the ballot box. Sweden flags in the background. Country flag election.
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On Wednesday evening, all the votes were finally counted and the election results were clear: Ulf Kristersson's government base with the Moderates, the Christian Democrats, the Liberals together with the Sweden Democrats won the election with 176 seats against Magdalena Andersson's government base with the Social Democrats, the Left Party, the Green Party and the Center Party, which received 173 seats.

On his Instagram account, the Moderate party leader Ulf Kristersson declares the party the winner of the election.

Ulf Kristersson will very likely become Sweden's new prime minister. He says:

"Sweden has received an election result. The voters have had their say. The moderates and the other parties on my side have received the mandate for change that we asked for. I am now starting the work of forming a new, effective government. A government for all of Sweden and all citizens.”

Kristersson will become Sweden's next Prime Minister although his Conservative party is no longer the largest party in Sweden's right-wing coalition. The voting shows a clear urban and rural divide in Sweden.

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