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Riots in Brussels following football match between Belgium and Morocco

Morocco's victory against Belgium (2-0) was another big surprise of this World Cup in Qatar.

This result caused riots in Brussels and dozens of people detained by Belgian police. “Dozens of people, some of whom were hooded, sought confrontation with the police, which compromised public safety,” the police said when a journalist was injured.

After the match ended, Moroccans living in Brussels honked their cars and toured around the city.

Around the Midi Train Station in the center of Brussels, some people who were covering their faces gathered and threw fireworks in the streets.

In some places, some scooters and trash cans belonging to scooter rental companies were set on fire. A vehicle belonging to the hourly car rental company was also turned over by the crowd. Some bus and tram stops were also destroyed.

Brussels police sent a large number of teams to the central streets to prevent the events. The police made an announcement to stay away from the streets and alleys near Midi Train Station. Police teams also closed shopping streets with roads leading to some touristic places in the city center.

Brussels Mayor Philippe Close condemned the violence in the city. Noting that the police intervened in the events, Close called on the groups to not come to touristic central areas and shopping streets.

Photo: Unsplash