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Roam like at home for 10 more years

The EU's roam like at home policy ensures that Europeans can call, message and use mobile data anywhere in the EU at no extra cost.

In April 2022, the European Parliament and the Council adopted the extension of the roaming rules that allow EU consumers to continue to call and transfer data across EU borders for the same cost as at home. The legislation is part of the digital transformation strategy, one of EU’s priorities.

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Roam like at home Since the introduction of the roam like at home rules in June 2017, about 170 million people have enjoyed the benefits of staying connected during their travels across Europe while paying the same prices as at home. The system operates across the European Economic Area, which comprises all 27 EU countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The policy has been very successful, for instance data roaming usage increased 17-fold in the summer of 2019, compared with the summer before the abolition of roaming charges. Better quality, more services The new regulation prolongs the current rules for another 10 years. It also ensures better roaming services for travellers. For example, consumers are entitled to the same mobile network quality and speed abroad as at home, where equivalent networks are available. The new rules also ensure that people can call, text or use an app to reach emergency services free of charge. Operators are also required to inform users about increased costs for using value-added services while roaming, such as technical helpdesks, or customer care services by airlines or insurance companies. Roaming sustainability for operators The new rules also aim to ensure that the system is sustainable for operators and preserves incentives to invest in networks.

Source: European Parliament

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