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Roger Federer to retire from tennis after Laver Cup aged 41

After more than twenty years spent igniting the ATP circuit, tennis player Roger Federer announces that he is retiring at the age of 41. He leaves the competitions.

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Photo Credit: Unsplash

At 41, the Swiss player announced that he was forced to stop his career because of the "limits of his body". On Twitter, he explains his situation to his fans: “I know the capacities of my body which has sent me clear messages in recent years. Yet tough, Roger Federer has indeed been battered by endless injuries and surgeries over the past three years.

Obviously, the man with 20 Grand Slam victories reassures his fans: “I will continue to play tennis, but I will no longer participate in competitions on the circuit." He thanks to his wife Mirka and their children but also to all his team. He admits that it's a bittersweet decision, because he will miss everything on the circuit.

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