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Russian spies are still a threat in Belgium

In April this year, 21 suspected spies were expelled from the Russian embassy in Uccle in Brussels. However, this did nothing to stop espionage activities based in the embassy, according to intelligence specialist Lars Bové, writing in De Tijd.

“The embassy is a mini village with a communication centre with technological and other facilities for the Russian intelligence services, according to conversations with insiders and the analysis of photos and other (online) sources," Bové writes.

The Russian embassy is located on Avenue De Fré in Uccle, very close to the famous forest "Bois de la Cambre" and other diplomatic residences, on a base of 46,000 square metres. It is surrounded by 900m of electric fencing and security cameras.

Several European Union countries including Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland previously expelled dozens of Russian diplomats, some for alleged spying, in what the Irish prime minister said was a coordinated move. Russia issued angry statements against the “unfriendly” actions and promised retaliation.

Spy camera
Photo Credit: Unsplash

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