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Expo: Sarolea motorcycles, a Belgian Story

Last year, the Gillet motorcycle exhibition had enchanted the visitors and surprised by its success whereas, in Belgium, there are quite a few other splendid motorcycle makes. One of those is Saroléa.

By way of near on 75 motorcycles, the entire history of the make is recounted. As icing on the cake, an international gathering of Saroléa motorcycles will take place on 11th September in front of the museum on the Esplanade du Cinquantenaire, coupled with a competition and a demonstration of new electric trial engines. Last but not least, a new book will also be released as part of this exhibition.
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The motorcycles are to be admired on the museum’s ground floor.

12 AUG 2022 >> 18 SEP 2022


Autoworld Brussels

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