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State ceremony for former Japanese Prime Minister Abe's funeral protested

In Japan, the state ceremony to be held for the funeral of Abe Shinzo, the "longest-serving prime minister" who was assassinated in July, was protested.

The repercussions of the assassination of Abe Shinzo, who served in the 2012-2020 period, on July 8, continue throughout the country.

After the special ceremony on July 12, attended by family members and close friends in Tokyo, the government of Prime Minister Kishida Fumio decided to hold a state ceremony for Abe Shinzo.

While it was criticized that the decision of the state ceremony was taken without parliamentary deliberation due to its costs, the people protested on the day of the ceremony.

Protesters marching to the Kudanshita district near "Nippon Budokan" in the capital's Chiyoda district, where the ceremony will be held, shouted "no to the state ceremony".

Police officers took extensive security measures for the demonstration near the "Nippon Budokan" in Kita-no-maru Park, which is surrounded by a river and stone structures, to the north of the Imperial Palace.

According to the latest statement of the government, the cost of the ceremony will exceed 11 million dollars. The costs of hosting foreign delegations from abroad, ceremony security, equipment and warehouse rentals are noteworthy.

Photo Credit: Unsplash