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State of emergency extended in Tunisia until the end of 2023

After the terrorist attacks in the country in 2015, the state of emergency began to be implemented.

It has been reported that the state of emergency declared after the terrorist attacks in Tunisia in 2015 has been extended until the end of 2023.

According to the presidential decree published in the Official Gazette, the state of emergency has been extended until 31 December 2023. Finally, the state of emergency in Tunisia was extended by President Kays Said on 30 December 2022 for 1 month until 31 January.

The one-month state of emergency declared in the country after the bomb attack targeting the Presidential Guard Regiment on Muhammed Hamis Street in the capital Tunis on November 24, 2015, was decided to be extended many times in the next period.

The application provides the Ministry of Interior and security units with extraordinary powers such as "prohibition of meetings, curfew, search warrants without court permission and monitoring the press".

Photo: Unsplash

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