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State of the EU debate 2022: here's how to follow

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

MEPs will scrutinise the work of the European Commission on 14 September to ensure the EU addresses Europeans' key concerns. Follow the State of the EU debate live.

Ursula von der Leyen Commission
Photo Credit: European Commission

What is the State of the European Union debate? Every September, the President of the European Commission comes to the European Parliament to discuss with MEPs what the Commission has done over the past year, what it intends to do in the coming year and its vision for the future. This is known as the State of the European Union debate or SOTEU. Following the Commission President's presentation, MEPs, as the elected representatives of EU citizens, hold the Commission to account and scrutinise its work to make sure that the key concerns of Europeans are being addressed. The State of the EU debate influences the Commission's work programme for the coming year. Why is the 2022 State of the EU debate important? The EU's response to Russia's war in Ukraine, climate change, EU measures to tackle the increasing cost of living, the energy crisis and rule of law are among the most pressing issues facing the EU. The priorities that Commission President Ursula von der Leyen presented during last year’s State of the European Uniondebate are still relevant, including efforts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences and the digital transformation. The Parliament, in line with Europeans' proposals for EU change adopted by the Conference on the Future of Europe, expects the EU to listen to people's demands and react with ambitious policies, particularly in moments of crisis. How to follow the State of the EU debate? The debate will be streamed live on the website on Wednesday 14 September from 9.00 CET. Interpretation will be available in all of the EU's 24 official languages - simply select the language of your choice. You can also watch it live on Facebook and join the discussion on other social media channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SOTEU. You will find photos and videos of the event in Parliament’s multimedia centre. Follow what MEPs are saying about the State of the European Union debate on social media via the Newshub.

Source: European Parliament

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