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'Strike' barrier to air transport in Belgium and Italy

Airport workers went on strike in Belgium and Italy. The strike, which paralyzed air transportation in Europe, caused hundreds of flights to be canceled and caused a flood of people at airports.

According to airline officials in Italy, nearly a thousand flights, both domestic and international, were canceled as a result of the ground crew's strike due to a wage dispute.

250 thousand passengers stranded

120 flights to take off and land from Charleroi Airport in Brussels, the Belgian capital, could not be carried out due to the strike of the pilots working at Ryanair due to the working conditions.

While strikes in the region, where there is intense summer tourism, caused serious disruption of services, thousands of people filled the airports. According to reports in the Italian media, 250 thousand passengers were stranded at airports due to strikes.


While the unions showed that the collective bargaining agreements of the employees have not been renewed for 6 years as the reason for the strike, Matteo Salvini, the Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, reacted to the strike and said, "I do not accept the blockade of Italy by a few unions."

Salvini urged unions and companies to meet next week to resolve the situation.

It was stated that 130 to 140 flights at Rome Fiumicino Airport and 150 flights at Milan Malpensa Airport were canceled and 250 thousand people could be affected across the country. While it was noted that dozens of flights were canceled in the cities of Turin and Palermo, some international flights were made under warranty.

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