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Swedish PM Kristersson: Anti-Islamic provocations are risky for security

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson stated that the recent anti-Turkey and anti-Islamic actions in the country have complicated the security of the country and said, "We have seen how this can have risky and big consequences for Sweden's image in the world and for the security of Swedes abroad. made it look like a country," he said.

After his closed-door meeting with the party leaders in Sweden, Kristersson made statements regarding the anti-Turkey provocations organized by the supporters of the terrorist organization, the burning of the Holy Quran and Sweden's application process to NATO.

Expressing that it is obvious how the events in Stockholm over the last few weeks have complicated Sweden's security, Kristersson said:

"We saw that a toy puppet likened to President Erdoğan was hung from its feet and then the Quran was burned in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm. Despite being legal in Sweden for the last few weeks, the actions taken by small groups and individuals turned into a disinformation campaign. "It made Sweden look like an Islamophobic country. We've seen how this can have risky and major consequences for Sweden's image in the world and for the security of Swedes abroad."

"Those who do the actions are 'useful idiots'"

Kristersson stated that the actions in question benefited the opponents of Sweden and described those who carried out these actions as "useful idiots".

Stressing that Sweden's application for NATO membership is important, Kristersson said, "Sweden is facing the most important security risks after the Second World War. Parties have different opinions on NATO. We have become more secure with the approval of Sweden's application by 28 NATO countries. "But we should not ignore that we are not a NATO member yet," he said.

Kristersson also noted that he will go to the United States this week to discuss his country's NATO membership process.

On the other hand, Social Democratic Party leader Magdalena Andersson made a statement to the Swedish press before meeting with Prime Minister Kristersson. Noting that Sweden's NATO membership was at risk with the statements made by the far-right Sweden Democrats Party leader Jimmie Akesson against Turkey, Andersson said the government should stop cooperating with the Sweden Democrats party. Akesson, on the other hand, in his reply to Andersson, stated that the Social Democratic Party is in close relations with the PKK/YPG and that Turkey is actually reacting to this situation.