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Tanks that Belgium will send to Ukraine have already been sold

Many Western countries responded positively to Ukraine's demand for tanks. Belgium also wanted to ship tanks, but it turned out that the unusable tanks in the inventory were sold to an arms dealer in 2014. Unable to pay the arms dealer the money it wants to get the tanks back, Belgium will be content to send military equipment for now.

Germany decided to send Leopard 2, USA M1 Abrams and France Leclercs tanks to Ukraine.

Belgium also wanted to send tanks to Ukraine, but it turned out that it had no tanks in its inventory.

In 2014, the Belgian government sold dozens of unused Leopard 2 tanks to an arms dealer for 15,000 euros each.

Brussels, which wanted to re-buy the tanks from the arms dealer to send to Ukraine, got an unexpected response.

The seller asked for 500 thousand euros for each of the unused tanks to be refurbished.

The Belgian Defense Minister said the asking price was "unacceptable".

He stated that for now, tanks cannot be supplied to Ukraine and military aid, especially ammunition, will be provided.

He noted that since the beginning of the war, Belgium has sent 90 million euros of military equipment such as rifles, guns, rocket launchers and anti-tank missiles to Ukraine.

Ukraine and Belgium flags
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