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The average gross salary in Belgium becomes 3.832 EUR per month

Belgian statistical institution STATBEL declared that in 2020, a full-time worker earned an average of 3,832 euros gross per month. In addition, the wage gap between men and women working full time has almost completely disappeared. In the Walloon Region, women even earn more on average than men. This is what emerges from the new results of Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, established on the basis of a salary survey carried out among more than 130,000 workers in Belgian companies.

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The pay gap between full-time men and women has narrowed sharply from 4.1% in 2019 to 0.4% in 2020. In addition, Belgium has for the first time a region in which women are gaining in average more than men. In Wallonia, a man receives an average salary of 3,551 euros while a woman earns 3,573 euros. This leads to a limited negative pay gap of -0.6%. In Flanders, the pay gap between men and women still stands at 1.1% and in Brussels, men earn 5.4% more than women.

The median salary is 3,550 euros. This means that 50% of employees earn a maximum of 3,550 euros, while the other half pockets a higher salary. The largest group, 69% of all workers, earns between 2,000 euros and 4,250 euros gross per month. 10% of workers earn less than 2,334 euros gross per month. At the other end, 10% of employees earn more than 5,991 euros gross.

The petrochemical sector is the best paid sector, while wages in the catering sector are the lowest. Those who work in Brussels generally earn more than in other regions. Wages are lowest in the province of Luxembourg.

Degree and profession also play an important role. A worker with a master's degree earns 47% more than the average Belgian. A person who leaves school without a diploma receives a salary 26% lower than the national average. General managers earn 80% more than the average worker, while waiters and bartenders have the lowest salaries (36% below the national average).

In 2020, the average gross monthly salary of a full-time employee was 3,832 euros. However, this amount gives a skewed picture of the actual salary range, given that 58% of employees earn a lower salary. It is therefore interesting to analyze in greater depth the distribution of wages.

The profession of general directorate seems to influence the salary to a large extent. Assuming great responsibilities or performing a complex function often results in a higher salary. CEOs are at the top of the list of well-paid. With an amount of 10,717 euros, the salary of general managers exceeds the national average by 180%.


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