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Body of a woman of Turkish origin, disappeared with her son a month ago in Belgium, was found dead

The body of 38-year-old Fatma Bayram, who left her home with her 5-year-old son after arguing with her husband a month ago in the town of Oupeye, Belgium, was found near the Netherlands.

The body of Nail, the son of Fatma Bayram, who left the house together on 23 February, was found the next day in the Maas river.

According to the police, the death of the mother and son marks a family drama.

It was stated that Fatma Bayram, who was wanted by the Belgian police throughout the country, left her home in the town of Oupeye, near the city of Liege, after arguing with her husband.

After her husband went to the police station and reported her missing on the night of February 23, Fatma Bayram's car was found by the Maas river in a nearby town.

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