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The end of the restoration work on the Palais de Justice is scheduled for 2030

The deadline for the end of the work on the Palais de Justice of Brussels is set for 2030. The facade of Place Poelaert could be visible, without scaffolding, by 2024.

Will the Palais de Justice be freed from its scaffolding, which has covered it since the 1980s?

In any case, this is the ambition of Mathieu Michel, Secretary of State in charge of the Buildings Agency. The project deadline is the year 2030, for the celebration of the bicentenary of Belgium. “It is a symbol of Justice and therefore of democracy. It is therefore our duty to maintain it and present it in all its grandeur to future generations,” he said.

As a first step, the facade on the Place Poelaert side will be restored. It could be visible, without scaffolding in 2024. A first step has already been taken: that of the launch of the specifications and the filing of the single permit application. Work should begin after the summer of 2023.

Restoration work began in March 2021, with the reinforcement of the scaffolding on the main facade. They are now complete and these scaffoldings will thus be used to carry out the restoration study and the restoration work on the façade itself.

Photo: Shutterstock

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