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The obligation to wear masks in hospitals and pharmacies ends in Spain

The obligation to use masks in hospitals and pharmacies, which continues to be applied due to the Covid-19 epidemic in Spain, will be lifted next week.

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At the meeting of the Health Council, attended by the Minister of Health of Spain, Jose Minones, and the ministers of health of the self-government governments, it was reported that the opinion on the end of the obligation to use masks in hospitals, health centers and pharmacies was stated, and the official decision will be taken at the meeting of the Council of Ministers next week.

Ministry of Health officials stated that despite the removal of the mandatory application, the use of masks in these places is recommended by the council.

While the obligation to wear masks has been in effect for more than 1140 days, the bans were gradually lifted.

The Ministry finally ended the obligation to wear masks in closed areas in April 2022, but continued this practice in hospitals and pharmacies.

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