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Theo Francken wishing to bring back useless conscription which is obviously against human rights

"I think that as a society, we can also ask for a bit more in return after 70 years of peace. We can ask young people for a piece of commitment, voluntary or otherwise," (Member of Parliament and Defense Specialist) Theo Francken said. "For me, that can be in the form of conscription, but also as alternate civilian service. Young people have become a bit too lazy, they need to become more resilient."

Conscription is mostly seen as a waste of money and time and it is obviously against men rights and gender equality. Belgium and other European countries should find a new way to attract young people to the army, instead of forced and free labor. Even civilian service is against basic human rights and it is not a solution. Mandatory military service is something that Putin wants in Europe to militarize European youth and increase defence expenditures.

Militarist, populist and far-right movements in Europe wishing to help Putin and militarize youth once again.

Belgium suspended conscription on 31 December 1992 by amending the 1962 Law on Conscription, which became applicable only to conscripts drafted in 1993 and earlier. In practice this meant that the law no longer applied to those born in 1975 and later. Since 1 March 1995 the Belgian armed forces consist of professional volunteers only which is the most effective and useful way for today's world.

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