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Trust in the EU on the rise

The summer 2022 Standard Eurobarometer survey shows increased trust of EU citizens in the EU, and continued strong support for the EU's response to the Russian aggression against Ukraine. An overwhelming majority of EU citizens support investments in renewable energy and action to reduce the EU's dependency on Russian energy sources. The approval rate of the euro has reached its highest level ever.

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However, Europeans are increasingly concerned about the economic situation in the EU and in their own country.

Positive perception of the situation of the European economy has decreased by 5 percentage points since early 2022 and is now at 40%. More than half of Europeans (56%) think that EU's largest economic stimulus package - NextGenerationEU - can be effective to respond to the current economic challenges.

Citizens remain positive about the national and EU response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Belgium Results

Rising prices in connection with inflation and the cost of living is the top concern in Belgium results showed. 53% of people thinks that costs are getting higher and this is the first reason for future concerns. It is followed by energy prices (28%) and the economic situation (15%). %24 of people in Belgium thinks that environment and the climate change is the most important issue facing the EU. Trust in the EU is increased in Belgium. 70% of Belgians thinks that the war in Ukraine has had serious financial consequences personally.

About Standard Eurobarometer

The “Summer 2022 – Standard Eurobarometer” (EB 97) was conducted through face-to-face and online interviews between 17 June and 17 July 2022. 26,468 EU citizens have been interviewed across the 27 Member States. Information about Eurobarometer and all surveys are available on the website.

Source: European Commission Press Room

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