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Turkish citizens in Belgium votes for the second round of presidential elections

Turkish citizens living in Belgium are voting currently for the second round of the Presidential Election to be held in Turkey on 28 May.

There was great interest in the voting process at the ballot boxes set up in the Expo area in Brussels on the first day.

In his statement to the AA correspondent, Turkey's Consul General in Brussels, Mr. Umut Deniz, expressed his satisfaction with the high rate of participation observed on the first day.

Stating that voting has become an established culture for voters abroad, Deniz said that the number of citizens who voted in the first round increased compared to the previous elections.

Deniz invited all citizens residing abroad to exercise their democratic rights.

In Belgium, voting is possible in the cities of Antwerp and Hasselt, as well as the capital Brussels.

Voters will be able to cast their votes between 08:00 and 22:00 local time on May 20-24.

According to the data of the Supreme Election Board (YSK), there are 153,443 registered voters in Belgium.

Foreign votes will arrive in Ankara under high security

After the end of the voting process abroad, the votes will be brought to Turkey by diplomatic couriers under high security using the methods determined by the YSK.

These votes will be stored in the secure area at Ankara ATO Congresium Fair Center by the Presidency of the Overseas District Election Board.

After the completion of the voting process in Turkey on Sunday, May 28 at 17.00, international ballot boxes will be opened along with other ballot boxes. Counting and casting of votes will be done under the supervision of the Presidency of the Overseas District Election Board.

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