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Two individuals deprived of their liberty after a police check

During a police check in Brussels, police officers from the Brussels North Police Zone arrested two people with 1 kg of narcotics in their vehicle. During the various investigative duties, the police seized a total of €1,425,510 US dollars and 2,600 Congolese Francs and 1,280.4 grams of cannabis.

Belgian Police
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Brussels police reported that on Saturday 27 August, the Brussels North Police Zone organized a check in the North District as part of the BOB summer campaign and the securing of the district. In the early evening, a car entered the control device to check whether the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. It turns out to be positive for the test controlling his consumption of narcotics.

Cannabis residues were also visible on the center console of the car and a strong odor emanated from the vehicle. On the basis of these elements, a security search is carried out on the two individuals on board the vehicle as well as a judicial search of the vehicle.

During the judicial search of the vehicle, the police officers present found a closed, vacuum-packed bag on the ground. The bag was opened and the police discovered a large quantity of cannabis in bulk for a total weight of 1 kg.

Both the driver of the vehicle and the passenger will be deprived of their liberty. The police present conducted a forensic search of the two suspects. Both searches turned out to be positive. One of the two had 8 pacsons containing 9.4 grams of cannabis as well as €420. The other suspect was in possession of €1,005, US$510 and 2,600 Congolese francs.

Later in the evening, a search will be carried out at the home of one of the two suspects by the police officers of the Brussels North Police Zone. During the search, a small precision scale, 16 pacsons for a total weight of 44 grams and 177 grams of cannabis were also seized. The police also found €215 as well as 68 empty pacsons.

The two suspects were made available to the Brussels Public Prosecutor's Office.

Source: Brussels Police

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