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Two mobile phone thieves in Brussels have been arrested

On the night of Wednesday September 14 to Thursday September 15, two people were arrested by the Brussels police after a smartphone was stolen. Thieves waited outside until the bars closed, and looked for potential victims. And they stole a mobile phone from a victim. It happened in Brussels Capital Ixelles area.

At that moment, the inspectors present from the anti-aggression brigade were decided to intervene. They tried to attack the police as well. The two suspects were transferred to the police station for questioning.

Theft in Brussels
Photo Credit: Unsplash

The stolen smartphone was returned to the victim, but was damaged during the chase.

In Brussels it is common to witness pickpocketing and GSM theft. Residents should always be very careful at all times.

In case of the GSM theft, police advices you you to file a report with the police. Don't forget to bring your IMEI number (which appears on the box of your gsm/smartphone), your SIM card number and your telephone number.

Before having your SIM card blocked, try to call the cell phone you have misplaced several times. Note the times when you made these calls and communicate them when reporting. This will prove useful to facilitate the search by the police services.

After the declaration, you will receive a certificate (which may be necessary for insurance).

Have your SIM card blocked by your operator in Belgium: