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UK PM Sunak: It's unfair for people to come here illegally

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that those who entered his country illegally will be quickly repatriated and more staff will be deployed to remove the accumulated refugee burden by the end of next year.

Sunak made statements in the British parliament regarding the new 5-point plan determined to combat illegal immigration. Starting his speech by saying, "It is unfair that people come here illegally," Sunak said that it is also "unfair" for people from safe countries to apply for asylum and take part in the asylum system.

Sunak stated that the public is right to be angry with this situation and evaluated that the global asylum system is now useless and obsolete.

Prime Minister Sunak also stated that they will provide accommodation for 10 thousand refugees who are staying in hotels and waiting for accommodation in unused holiday parks, former student dormitories and surplus military facilities.

Emphasizing that the British government will enact a law that will prohibit immigrants crossing the English Channel from staying in the UK at the beginning of next year, Sunak said, "If you enter England illegally, you cannot stay here. You will be quickly sent back either to your own country or to a safe country where your asylum request will be evaluated."

Prime Minister Sunak also announced that they will restart flights to send migrants and asylum seekers to Rwanda, and that lawmakers may soon set a quota to determine the country's refugee capacity.

"We have a proud history of providing shelter to those who need it most. No one can doubt our generosity. But today most of those who benefit from this generosity are people crossing the English Channel in small boats, not those directly fleeing war zones or at risk of persecution," Sunak said.

The data released by the British Ministry of Internal Affairs in September revealed that 143 thousand 377 asylum seekers were waiting for the decision to be announced, while 100 thousand of them had been waiting for more than 6 months.

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