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War in Ukraine: What we know about the explosion that hit the Crimea bridge

Today the bridge connecting annexed Crimea to Russia has been exploded.

A major fire took place after the explosion of a truck. The blast damaged the roadway as well as the railway as part of the bridge structure collapsed into the water.

At least three dead in the explosion

"Today at 06:07 (local time) on the road part of the Crimean bridge (...) a car bomb exploded, which caused the fire of seven railway tanks that went to Crimea “, said this Saturday morning the Russian National Anti -Terrorism Committee.

According to this same source, two road lanes are damaged, but the arch of the bridge is not affected. The Committee specified that the explosion took place after "the explosion of a truck". Russian investigators announced at midday that at least three people had been killed in the explosion, and that the driver of the truck bomb had been identified.

Reopening of traffic on the bridge at the end of the day

In the afternoon, the ruler of Crimea announced the reopening of traffic to cars on the bridge. "Vehicle traffic on the Crimean Bridge has started. Traffic is now open for cars and buses, with full inspection procedures," Sergei Aksionov said on Telegram.

A criminal investigation opened by Russia

The Kremlin spokesman told the Ria Novosti agency that Vladimir Putin had ordered the formation of a government commission to establish the facts. The Russian Investigative Committee, the country's main investigative body, also said it had "opened a criminal investigation" to identify "all persons connected to this crime".

No official claim

If no one has officially claimed responsibility for this attack, the head of the Crimean assembly, the regional parliament installed by Russia, Vladimir Konstantinov denounced a coup "Ukrainian vandals".

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