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Wheelchairs will be free in France from 2024

In France, from 2024, wheelchairs for disabled citizens will be fully refunded.

In his speech at the 6th National Conference of the Disabled, held at the Elysee Palace, French President Emmanuel Macron touched upon the steps to be taken for disabled citizens.

Expressing that 1.5 billion euros will be set aside for disabled citizens to easily access public places, Macron announced that as of 2024, the price of wheelchairs will be fully refunded to disabled citizens.

Stating that there will be a reference teacher in every school for disabled students, Macron stated that there are 430,000 disabled students in the country.

The French press reported that the "Handicaps" community, consisting of 52 associations, boycotted the conference held at the Elysee Palace, citing "lack of consultation".

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