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Woman who killed her 5 children in Belgium ends her life after 16 years

The woman who killed her 5 children 16 years ago in Belgium used her right to euthanasia. The woman, who tried to commit suicide after the incident, but survived, ended her life in the psychiatry center.

The perpetrator of the shocking incident in Belgium in 2007 once again made a controversial decision.

Belgian woman named Genevieve Lhermitte on February 28, 2007; killed 5 of her children, Yasmine, Nora, Myriam, Mina and Mehdi, between the ages of 3 and 15, and this news was on the agenda of the world.

The woman, who killed her children while her Moroccan-born husband was not at home, attempted to commit suicide by leaving a farewell letter to a friend after the incident, but survived.

Sentenced to life in prison

Lhermitte was tried for first degree murder. The woman, who was receiving psychiatric treatment, said she killed her children during the trial because of problems at home. The court sentenced Lhermitte to life imprisonment in 2008.

The Belgian woman, whose life was later the subject of a movie, was released from prison in 2019 and sent to a psychiatric center in the south of the country.

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