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Youtube: We will not remove content with fraud election claims

The US-based video social media platform Youtube has announced that videos that provide false and misleading information will not be removed from the platform in the next election period of the USA. He stated that thousands of such videos were removed in the 2020 US Presidential elections, but they will no longer remove them for open discussion of all kinds of political ideas.

Youtube made the following statement in its statement yesterday;

“The ability to openly discuss political ideas, including those based on controversial or refuted assumptions, is the essence of a functioning democratic society – especially in the middle of election season.”

“We have implemented a measure of our election misinformation policy that focuses first on the integrity of the past US Presidential elections in December 2020. After a period of two years, tens of thousands of videos being removed and an election cycle, we realized it was time to reassess the implications of this policy in today's changing landscape.”

"Even though false information is prevented, violence does not decrease"

“In the current environment, we have found that while removing this content may prevent some misinformation, it can also have the undesirable effect of restricting political discourse without meaningfully reducing the risk of violence or other real-world harm.

With that in mind, as the 2024 (election) campaigns continue, we will stop removing content that bases unsubstantiated claims that widespread fraud, error, or disruption has occurred in 2020 and other past U.S. Presidential elections. This (decision) will come into effect as of today, June 2.”

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