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Statements & Terms

ECOPNET Integrity & Independence Statement


ECOPNET is an independent non-profit organisation registered in compliance with the laws of the Kingdom of Belgium (asbl) with the full name "European Cooperation and Partnership Network (ECOPNET) asbl". 

Voice of Brussels is empowered by ECOPNET to promote the EU values, to inform public about Belgium and the EU affairs, to publish opinions and to create a reliable source of information. 


ECOPNET is fully committed to independence and professional integrity. We consider credibility, integrity and trust as its most valuable assets. It does not have an institutional position and does not represent any national, political, corporate and NPO point of view. We continuously try to represent a balanced variety of views although it may not be possible to represent all opinions in our Working Groups, activities and events. The core mission of ECOPNET is to bring together individuals, academics, corporations, universities, nonprofit organisations, local authorities and diplomatic missions who are interested in EU Affairs and global cooperation. Through guidance and connection, we strive to create the most connected network of cooperations & partnerships that work together. ECOPNET’s cooperation with its varying partners who may share different views does not imply that the organisation endorses any of these views. Our aim is to form a cooperative network in the Europe and across the globe in relation to EU Affairs. We embrace, support and promote the EU values at all times. 


ECOPNET receives annual partnership fees from the partners which vary depending on certain criteria that are transparently communicated to the partners. Voice of Brussels has also some options and packages to advertise on various online and printed channels. Those financial contributions are registered and used in conformity with the Statute and other relevant regulations. We seek to protect our independence by these multiple sources of funding. These fees are vital for us to conduct the activities in the most effective way, with excellence and in the highest standards. No partners could determine, influence or guide our agenda. 


Terms and Conditions of Use


Thank you for showing interest in Voice of Brussels. This website is governed by ECOPNET which is a politically independent, non-profit network that brings together individuals, institutions, universities, academics, scientists, local authorities and companies interested in the EU affairs and global cooperation. We are carrying out our numerous activities within the scope of our objectives. 


ECOPNET and the teams of Voice of Brussels shall not be responsible for the accuracy of information as they may be subject to change and further verification. ECOPNET and Voice of Brussels does not guarantee the completeness and adequacy of these news, information and opinion and shall not be held accountable in any event and for any reason whatsoever with regards to any errors or omissions in this information. Therefore, users are advised to confirm/verify the accuracy of the information before they act based on the information/opinion, news and contents obtained from our websites. Users shall be fully liable for any commercial or other decisions which they took based on such information and ECOPNET and the teams of Voice of Brussels cannot be held liable for inadequate, outdated or inaccurate information. 


All content, news and articles published on this website are considered as in the public domain and/or published by our/its source. Please contact us if you claim any rights on any content that exist on our website.  

Opinions are created by its authors and our contributors and we are not liable for any information and/or opinion contained in the Opinion Section. 


The users have discretion regarding whether to click on the links shared on the website. The legal conditions and privacy policies of third party applications and websites shall not bind ECOPNET or the teams of Voice of Brussels. The privacy principles, ethical principles and terms of use of the websites visited are applicable and we shall not be held liable for any potential pecuniary loss and non-pecuniary loss which may arise due to visiting the third party sites and links.


In no event shall ECOPNET, Voice of Brussels and/or its employees and service providers be liable for any direct or consequential loss, which may arise due to, including but not limited to, performance failures, errors, omissions, downtime, faults, delays in operation and/or transfer, computer viruses and/or line and/or system failures that may occur during the use of the website, even if they were notified of the possibility of occurrence of such loss and damage beforehand.


We reserve the right to change and update these conditions and provisions of our Terms and Conditions of Use and also all kinds of modules, advertisement packages, pages, visuals, contents, opinions, news and informations etc. on the website without prior notice.

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